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new years eve NYE

What will you be drinking this new years eve?

Will you be downing a bunch of beers, sipping a sophisticated cocktail, or avoiding alcohol all together?

Drinking on NYE - How much is too much?


Have you stocked your fridge with your favourite drinks for your NYE celebrations?

Beat the rush and purchase your drinks early from your local bottle shop to ensure you don't miss out on your favouite beer, sparkling, pre mixed drinks, or wine. Click here to search for a bottle shop

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Random and Useful Information on Wine

The world of wine is unique amongst drinkable spirits. This uniqueness, however, also can make it an intimidating subject. The following tidbits are designed to take out the intimidation factor.

1. From Grapes to the Bottle – How many grapes does it take to make wine? A lot. A ton of grapes produces just over 700 bottle of wine on average. The specific amount, however, depends on the size of each grape. Bigger ones produce more juice.

2. Grape Vine DNA – Ampelography is the most common way to identify a particular grape vine, but modern science is changing this. Yep, DNA tests are actually being used to identify the specific vines. Can the perfect vine be far away?

3. Low Yield Wines – The yield of a wine refers to the number of grapes grown for the relevant season at the winery. The lower the yield, the more flavor a wine will have.

4. Wine Integration – The balancing of the factors that go into a wine. Integration refers to balance between things such as the acidity, tannin and so on. When one does not stand out, the wine is considered balanced and to have good integration.

5. Wine Reserve – The term reserve is often understood to mean that a wine has been aged longer than normal and thus is of a higher quality. This understanding is not always accurate, so don’t fall for it when buying.

6. Tannin and Vino – Tannin comes from the skin of grapes. It adds to the sharpness of the wine, particularly red wines. Too much tannin can render a wine overpowering, while to little can render it bland.

7. Are Vintages Important – In the old days, the vintage of a wine was important as it defined the growing season for the grape. Bad seasons equated to less than stellar wine. With modern technology, this is really no longer the case.

8. Variety of Wine Grapes – There are a wide variety of grapes used to produce the various vintages in the world. The total estimated number is close to 25,000 different types.

9. First California Grape – The first wine grape planted in California was mission, named for the missions where it was grown. The first vines were planted in 1779 at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano.

10. California Reds – Zinfandel was the most popular red grape planted in California for hundreds of years. In 1998, Cabernet Sauvignon passed it.

The world of wine is about both taste and knowledge. With knowledge, your ability to understand and distinguish wine will grow. Now you have some, so get out there and do some tastings!

By: Xav Moldonio

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